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Freediving Adventure



I teach Performance Freediving courses because they are designed with student safety foremost in mind. With solid, time-tested safety protocols in place, students are freed from their inhibitions. Students can focus on fundamentals and execution allowing them to progress quickly in the sport. Many of the top performers in competitive freediving are PFI graduates.




This program teaches fundamental Freediving techniques for comfortable enjoyment in the aquatic world to depths of up to 20m / 66ft.

You will be introduced to and practice the following freediving disciplines: (1) Static Apnea, to help develop your breath-holding abilities and in-water comfort, (2) Dynamic Apnea, to improve your technique and increase the distance and depth you can travel underwater, (3) Constant Weight, to work on entry techniques and the physiological aspects of diving to depth. Freediver safety is fundamental to every aspect of this course.

As open water diving is not practical in Alberta year-round, during the bulk of the year I offer PFI's Pool Only certification with an introduction to Dynamic Apnea (underwater distance swimming). Students can schedule their open water dives to complete their full certification in the next summer season. The cost works out the same as for the complete course all at once but by separating these elements I have the time to include the Dynamic Apnea introduction (optional in PFI courses). I also provide an extra pool refresher session (optional) before the open water dives! 

Previously certified students are welcome to take the Freediver course as a refresher at half the regular course price.
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Junior Freediver 

The Junior Freediver course is for 10-15 year olds. The course is largely the same as the Freediver course but with modifications to accommodate younger divers. Junior Freedivers will receive certification but must freedive with a fully certified PFI Freediver as a buddy.


Safe Buddy

This course is a must for snorkeling enthusiasts and freedivers who have not been properly introduced to or need a refresher on safe buddy practices. You'll learn how to safely watch over a Freediver in the water and learn what to expect from your own dive buddies! 

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This program teaches the basics of surface snorkeling or limited skin dives for the purpose of exploring the underwater realm in a safe knowledgeable and comfortable manner.
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Pool and open water coaching sessions are available to help practice and fine-tune your skills in a safe environment. 


Freediver Adventure Package

This package provides freedivers additional opportunities to practice their skills under professional supervision and in safe environments. I've set this up to encourage multiple outings over the course of a year. I feel this will best foster those of you with a serious interest in practising and improving in this sport.




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