Monday, August 8, 2022

Freediving Adventure


Freediving Adventure promotes the exciting sport of Freediving in the Canadian prairies by providing safe opportunities to learn, practice and enjoy freediving.


Freediving, an advanced form of snorkeling, is many things to many people.

For many, Freediving centres around a holistic relationship with the ocean. Increasing our comfort in the water improves and expands our experiences in this beautiful medium.

Some love this sport largely because of the community. Freedivers worldwide are incredibly warm, welcoming and encouraging. It's not unusual to meet people from all over the globe many times forming lasting freindships.

For me, the mental and physical challenges of prolonging my time and depth underwater are irresistible. All Freedivers work on expanding their own limits; collectively we are exploring human potential underwater.

Whether you are looking for a special relationship with the water, an ongoing physical and mental challenge, or to be part of a diverse but close-knit and global community, you may want to dive in.

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